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Inspirations from the works of art by Modern Art Vienna

Inspired by the fantastic realism of the Viennese School, I discovered the world of art and its artists at a very young age. Prof. Ernst Fuchs was my first contact, established by my father, who knew him from his work in textile design.

The “Prince of Paint” as he was also known, told me about his pictures and the art as a whole.

His car was also well-known, at the time he was driving a Rolls Royce built in 1938, and sometimes I was invited to ride with Ernst Fuchs in this fabulous car. In life there are many encounters with people, but personalities are very few.

Prof. Ernst Fuchs was one of them.


Another artist and great personality was Prof. Karl Hodina.

He visited my vernissage gave a eulogy and said to me
"My friend, you have to create works that they cannot avoid!"


And that is how I ended up going from fantastic realism to the highest art form of abstractness.


Large-format XXL art that has become reality and can now be found on Modern Art Vienna.